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This will happen if you are looking at an item from the Medline [pubmed] database, which might be included in the searches that you do in our Web of Science.  These items are usually dated earlier than 2001 (which is how far back our subscription to the Web of Science goes).  The Medline database goes back to the 1950s.  Our version of the web of science will only show those citing articles that are within our subscription.

In the example on the right, clicking on the numeral 89 will only get you some of the 89 items that cite this old article.

Note the publication date of 1988, which is before our beginning subscription year of 2001*.

screenshot from the web of science

After you click on the 89, you get this screen. Even though it looks like it should show you 89 results, it shows you far less, since we do not subscribe to the BIOSIS Citation Index nor to the Chinese Science Citation Index and we only subscribe to the 2001+ segment of the Web of Science*.  When I did this search, it only showed me 31 of the 89 items.

See their help page: Times Cited Count for the fiddly details.

screenshot from the web of science

At right is a search result without Medline; note the notation "from Web of Science" rather than "from all databases".

screenshot from the web of science

*Note: our subscription now extends back to 1991, so you might have still this problem, but it won't be as severe.

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