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While the University Library does not have all of fiction in a separate section as public libraries do, we do have some fiction.   Although the fiction is purchased to support the literary curricula of the University, there are many titles that would be of interest to casual readers as well as to students and researchers.

There are several things you can do to find fiction:

1. Browse the collection. Literature (including novels) can be found in the ‘P’ call number ranges of the library on the fourth and fifth floors.  If you want to browse the shelves these are the areas to look in, the following lists the specific breakdown of some popular categories within this range:

Classical PA    fifth floor
General, Drama, Movies PN fourth floor
Spanish, Latin American. French, Italian PQ fourth floor
English PR fourth floor
American PS fourth floor
Germanic PT fourth floor

A further breakdown of this call number area can be found here.

2. Search the Catalog by Subject. You can use the Advanced Search in OneSearch to limit to a specific subject heading before doing the search.

There are a variety of headings to search depending on your specific interests.  In OneSearch the subject headings are specific pre-determined words or phrases.  You can’t just use any search terms like you would in Google or; Some common genres and related subject headings follow.

Click on the links below to try the following search terms to find books in the genre you like.

Horror tales
Horror Tales American
Ghost stories
Ghost Stories American
Occult fiction
Vampires fiction
Witchcraft fiction

Detective and mystery stories
Detective and mystery stories american
Mystery and Detective Stories English
Murderers Fiction
Serial Murders Fiction
Missing Persons Fiction

Murder Fiction
Revenge Fiction 

Psychological Fiction 
Psychological Fiction American

Science Fiction
Science Fiction, American
Fantasy Fiction
Fantasy Fiction, American
Magic Fiction 

War Stories
War Stories American

Historical Fiction

Western stories

Love Stories American
Man Woman Relationships Fiction

Domestic Fiction American
Parent and Child Fiction

Short Stories American

Other Subjects
Young Women Fiction
Young Men Fiction
African Americans Fiction
Mexican Americans fiction
Sports Stories
Authors Fiction 
Chinese Americans Fiction

Look carefully at the results of the above searches: they will include, DVDs, VHS, short stories, and in some cases, non fiction books about the genre. Also, a lot of works of fiction do not have subjects assigned to them, so these searches are far from complete.

3. Find one book, then find more.  If you know of one book in our collection, then you may find similar books using our catalog. 

Find the record for the book using OneSearch. Look at the subjects for that book.  Click on a subject that interests you.  You might find additional books on the subject that you will enjoy.

Unfortunately, a lot of our novels do not have subjects assigned to them, so subject searches will never do a comprehensive search in our catalog for fiction.

See our FAQ for Juvenile books for help with finding juvenile novels.


This guide is based on (used with permission).

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